Modern city life a great "contribution" is the movement of human daily simplified.Many people walk,in addition to sleep outside, p90x3 hardest workout main posture is sitting "".Sit ride, meetings, telephone,computer,so the body fat slowly accumulated,originally sensitive action also gradually become slow clumsy.A "contribution" of urban life is to let people become terribly fatigued. Modern people no longer have to ignore "hoe Wo day when the" hard work, p90x3 infomercial but it did not become relaxed. Endless meetings, does not handle the case, too busy to attend to all entertainment, get on your nerves always can not relax. And from time to time by the point of gas, aggrieved by the point, so that people really feel what is called "body and mind are tired".If things go on like this,people's physical and mental health will be seriously affected.In order to solve the crisis, p90x3 iphone app recommend a sports body motion system to a BODY COMBAT.It combines the techniques of karate,taekwondo,boxing action,Thai boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and other projects, with strong music,both fitness and entertainment . Action of BODYCOMBAT can be divided into upper limb movements, lower limb two categories. Upper limb movements are straight, boxing action in the hook, swing and the unique oriental martial arts fist, palm, elbow split, block movement; a front kick, kick, side kick, kick and Muay Thai in knee motion in lower limbs. Every movement at the waist as the axis, the need for general coordination force, and combining with the jump, dodge action, let the body have been the activities.BOOY COMBAT is not only the rhythm of movement is very strong, but also with background music, and the music is the international popular music original singing. Make exercise in the exercise seemed to be in a wonderful concert.BODY COMBAT series is divided into ten sections, with the first slow after the fast, local to global, p90x3 incinerator briefly after the complex principle of training. Therefore, they need not have the base to martial arts or Taekwondo and obtain health in progress.BODY COMBAT can bring the following benefits for you:Fat reducing shaping -- BQDY COMBAT is a fast paced, high strength, p90x3 isometrics review multiple repetitions of an aerobic exercise program. Its role is not to increase the muscle volume, excess fat but consume the body. So after a period of training, body there will be significantly improved.Improve the function of heart and lung -- lasted 1 hours of aerobic training, not only can increase the respiratory system and circulatory system function, promote The new supersedes the old., and can eliminate the fat, reduce the likelihood of thrombosis.Action to improve the agility -- BODYCOMBAT action fast and powerful, at the beginning, you may feel awkward start action, then gradually find the feeling, you will for his agility, graceful movements and proud.Emotion regulation, establish confidence -- psychological stress may than the physical pain more uncomfortable.From BODY COMBAT to fight foreign money, let you be the emotional heart completely out. Imagine your front stood a your greatest enemy, you learn a straight punch, kick to attack him, and beat him.A class down, while your body is very tired, p90x3 isometrics but the spirit will be very relaxed. It will make you feel really relaxed.

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